Online Shopping Portal

I have created an online shopping portal which have the following options.

  • Customers need to register themselves first before they do shopping using the shopping portal. However, everyone, whether registered or not, can view the various products along with the prices listed in the portal.
  • The registered customers, after logging in, are allowed to place order for one or more products from the products listed in the portal. Once the order is placed, the customer gets a reference order number and the order status should be “order in process”.

Finding Greatest common divisor (GCD) recursively using java

Here is a java program to calculate the greatest common divisor of two positive numbers a and b. GCD of given two number a and b can be recursively calculated as

gcd(a,b) = a if a =b
gcd(a,b) = gcd(a-b, b) if a >b
gcd(a,b) = gcd(a, b-a) if b > a

Java program is given below

/***Java program to calculate GCD of two numbers by recursive method ****/
import java.util.*;
class GCD
public static void main(String[] args)
int a,b;
System.out.print("enter the first number: ");
Scanner in = new Scanner(;

Search for a name in an array using java

I have written a java program for "aspire ilp assignment" to accept an array of names and a name and check whether the name is present in the array. Return the count of occurrence.
Java program is given below

import java.util.*;

class Count
public static void main (String[] args) throws IOException
System.out.println("How many names you are going to add? ");
Scanner in = new Scanner (;
int array_size; // used to alocate the size of the array
array_size = in.nextInt();

Sending SMS using python

I have been using a small Python script to send sms to my friends when i am using my laptop. I got this script from my friend jishnu. This script uses Fullonsms site to send message.
For sending sms through this script, you should have your fullonsms login details such as username and password.

The code is given below

#--------------------- starting from below line ------------------------

import urllib
import urllib2
import cookielib

while (True):

Calicut University Question Papers

I have uploaded all the Calicut University question papers from December 2000 to June 2010. All question papers are seperated by month wise and it is in compressed form.


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Why do i need a blog?

Whenever i am browsing internet, i think about creating a website and i have a strong desire to make a website. So i started to leran HTML and i read a lot of books like "Sams teach yourself, website designing in 24 days". But none of them gave me an exact idea how a website looks. But these books helped me to have knowledge in basics of Html.